Just A Few Thoughts On The Hobby Lobby Decision

Image courtesy of BrandonSigma / FreeDigitalPhotos.ne

Image courtesy of BrandonSigma / FreeDigitalPhotos.ne

The way I understand it, the Hobby Lobby case, was a test of how far Obamacare can go. The right is angry that women’s coverage should be covered at all. That includes mammograms, pap smears, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. because men don’t need those things so why should men have to pay for them. Then add in some religious fervor and you can take on abortifacients.

It’s frustrating that SCOTUS didn’t even get the science right because the morning after pill (aka Plan B) isn’t even an abortifacient. It’s the birth control pill on steroids. No egg is ever fertilized, so there is nothing to ever abort.

And no matter how SCOTUS might have applied it to this case, it does open the door for future clarifications for future companies. Does your boss who is offended by gay people need to hire them? Does your boss who thinks women can’t do the job as well as men have to hire them? It goes well beyond health care when the dust settles.

How can a corporation of any size also be a person? Especially when corporations are formed to separate them from the person for liability issues. Perhaps privately-held corporations should be done away with and let the people behind them be responsible for everything. You want a religious corporation, you can pray your way out of any litigation or any tax issues.

Also, it’s another step toward defining America as a “Christian” nation, negating all other religions. Which is what the founding fathers were trying to avoid with the separation of church and state. We are not a Christian nation, we are a melting pot of many different religions with the freedom to practice as we wish without persecution. My practicing my religion in no way negates your practicing your religion.

Just a few thoughts…

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