Why Women Matter In November

Image courtesy of emptyglass / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of emptyglass / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

Long ago a woman politician who was quite old told me that the women who fought for Roe v Wade were watching it being chipped away and didn’t think younger women were aware of what was happening. Guess what? We weren’t fighting hard enough and now we’re going to have to fight harder.

Those women who fought before us deserve better than this. They deserve our respect, our support, and our promise to carry on the fight for women’s and human rights wherever that might take us.

Because we are keepers of humanity. Not the men whose answer to everything is more money and more force.

Corporations aren’t people. People have hearts and souls. People have the ability to pray to whatever god they choose–or don’t choose–and they deserve better than what the United States is giving its citizens at the moment.

Our time to make a difference comes in November, people. Vote. It isn’t a privilege or a right. It’s our responsibility. The people currently in power must go. Now!

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