The World Is Hard, We Need To Be Nice

tutu kinderFor weeks it seems like the news has been bad, bad, bad. War, famine, plagues. The news is filled with death and destruction and the loss of things that we love, care about, or need.

Instead of bringing us together and making people nicer, it seems to be making some people meaner than ever.


  • If your reaction to someone’s loss is to ridicule them and bully them on social media, you are not a nice person.
  • If someone commits suicide and you feel the need to pronounce them “weak” or “cowardly,” you are not a nice person.
  • If someone is killed and the President extends condolences to his family, and you wonder why condolences aren’t also being extended to his killer, you are not a nice person.

I’ll stop there.

The good thing: the nice people can win. Nice people can stand together…band together and be the voice against those who are so filled with self-hate and loathing that they have to spew their hatred. There’s so much negativity in the world these days that we have to do our parts to make it a brighter, happier place. We need to do our small parts of kindness.

A simple smile. A kind word. A quick hug. A laugh with a friend. Or a stranger! A giggle. A kind deed.

Every day, every moment, we face choices: kind or not kind. Let’s all make a conscious effort to choose kindness.

Our world depends on it!


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