Let the School Mom Olympics Commence…First Event: Back To School Teacher Gift

Yes, it’s that time of year again, moms. Time to suck up to someone like you’ve never sucked up before…your child’s teacher. Because you know your kid ain’t succeeding on her own. Well, he probably could, but why leave it to chance?

Let’s start the year off right with the proper back to school gift for the teacher. Because I’m sure teachers are just dying for more crap to clutter up their desks and classrooms. Especially nonsensical things like plaques and tchatchkes that they have to keep forever or throw away with feelings of guilt.

When did sending first day of school gifts become a thing? Why? Kids go to school with their supplies and start learning. They aren’t supposed to take things for the teacher.

School isn’t supposed to be a popularity contest. If you as a parent think it is, you have a problem. If your kid’s teacher thinks school is a popularity contest, get to the principal and have a conversation quick. Because everyone in the classroom needs to be treated the same. Every day. Every class period. Every lesson. No matter how much time their parent spends in the classroom. No matter how much money they spend on the teacher. No matter how much time they spend on the PTA.

If you want to help a teacher out because they do spend so much of their own money on their classrooms, I’ve heard gift cards are appreciated. No, not to Starbucks. For places like Target, office supply stores, Amazon, local bookstores. OK, they’d probably appreciate a few gift cards for places like Starbucks, too. They aren’t always in teacher mode!

But no more cutesy teacher gifts on the first day! It’s not a competition! Because the best gifts you can give your teacher are kids who are fed, clothed, bathed, and prepared. Most of all support your teacher when they need your help. They need that more than another survival kit filled with fun-sized candy bars…in a hand-painted vintage mason jar…with a hand-lettered diecut from scrapbook paper origamied into a school desk tag.


2 thoughts on “Let the School Mom Olympics Commence…First Event: Back To School Teacher Gift

  1. My kids have been out of school for over a decade, and I had never even heard of back to school gifts for the teacher until last week. Someone asked on Facebook who of their friends bought gifts for the first day for the teacher. I was stunned by the question, and thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard of, but it turns out that there are people who do it. I can only imagine how the teachers feel about it! I’ll warn them right now, my granddaughter’s teachers will NOT be getting back to school gifts from our house!!

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