9/11: Today I Pray But Will Not Reminisce

Today I remember 9/11 by refusing to be maudlin, sharing sadness, and fright. I say a prayer for all those lost and their families. But I will no longer let this day be used as one to frighten me into supporting a congress determined to support war mongers and the war industry.

I’ve given up enough for the terrorists they use as boogeymen to keep us compliant and quiet as they allocate billions of dollars for the military while real life people living in our country do without.

I let myself be pat down and x-rayed before getting onto an airplane. My bags are searched before I go into the courthouse. The NSA reads my emails and records my phone calls and it’s probably ok because I might be a terrorist. I can randomly be locked up in jail without due process because I might be a terrorist,

I refuse to be scared anymore. I refuse to share my story of that day anymore. I will pray for the dead. They sacrificed their lives in a war we didn’t know we were fighting. A war we’re never going to stop fighting if we don’t stand up and yell, “Stop! This has got to stop!”

We can remember without being scared. We can remember without sacrificing freedoms. We can remember and change things. We can remember and make things better for the people living right here.

But as long as we’re scared and stay under the terrorist boogeyman threat, the war mongers win. When we elect people who love war, not constituents. Who love tanks, not text books. Who prefer killing innocent foreign people more than housing our country’s homeless. Who don’t mind killing the children of the 99%.

I pray for those who died on 9/11. I pray for those who keep milking that day for their greed.


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