You Are Human, Feel Your Feelings

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

We, as women, have been taught that feeling the “bad” feelings is wrong. We aren’t supposed to be mad, bad, jealous, bitter, pissy…we’re supposed to be smiling, polite, forgiving, accommodating creatures.

So we don’t have a lot of experience when we really feel the bad things. It takes us by surprise. And we panic. We need to give ourselves permission to feel it, to express it, to let it take over, to give it life.

All it is is an emotion. And there is no BAD emotion. Emotions are just emotions. They are neutral. Actions are good things and bad things. It’s when emotions fester beneath the surface for too long that they lead to bad actions and we end up hurting ourselves or someone else.

So feel your feelings. Do what you need to. Yell. Scream. Beat a pillow. Write a letter. Tell a friend.

Happy. Sad. Jealous. Overwhelmed. Find your safe space and use it. You can’t survive this life without it.

Just stop buying into the idea that you aren’t supposed to feel these negative emotions. You’re human. These are human emotions. Embrace them. You need them to be fully human. Take the good with the bad and live…


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