You Know What Doesn’t Belong On The Thanksgiving Dinner Table?

2013 thanksgivingVelveeta.

No, I’m not here to do a blanket bashing of Velveeta. It has it’s place on the culinary continuum. Mixed with salsa or Rotel tomatoes, in the crockpot, served with tortilla chips. Who can resist? By the way, I’m partial to the On The Border tortilla chips these days.

A pound of Velveeta also brings a pound of hamburger and a pound of pork sausage together nicely in Alpo. Best served on rye bread, but crackers and chips will also do.

It can top chili. Or a hamburger. But it should never top the broccoli and rice casserole at Thanksgiving dinner.

Add another vegetable to the table, I thought. Green bean casserole isn’t enough, I pondered. I think broccoli and rice sounds really good.

So I took to Pinterest to look for a good recipe. And found the one with Velveeta. I’ve made it in the past, we all liked it. How nice it would be to shake things up this year! Other recipes required more work, like chopping of extraneous vegetables and sauteeing. The casserole with Velveeta did not.

Jim came home with the Velveeta and I immediately was on the attack: “You were supposed to get a pound of it.”

Kids, Velveeta is so dense that a pound of it is about three inches square! We just stared at it in wonder. We could attack burglars with it! If we accidentally dropped it, a tiny dog could be wounded!

I was wary as I prepared the casserole. So little broccoli. So little rice. So very much Velveeta mixed with cream of mushroom soup. I skipped the melted stick of butter to be poured over the top. Good call!

When dinner was served we all stared at the broccoli and rice casserole. With the first bite you knew that this was not a dish meant to be served on a day of big eating. This is a dish meant to be served with an anemic chicken breast. Because with one bite you were instantly full.

Amazingly, incredibly full. This might be the cure to world hunger!

I’m going to be working on the broccoli and rice casserole recipe. It needs some tweeking. Serious tweeking.

I wonder if my inability to digest Velveeta properly is another sign I’m getting old? Or just a reflection on Velveeta?


One thought on “You Know What Doesn’t Belong On The Thanksgiving Dinner Table?

  1. I agree with you about On the Border chips. In Texas we got El Milagro, but I don’t think you can find them anywhere outside TX, so On the Border are the best we find in TN.

    Maybe less Velveeta? I haven’t used it for years. I hope I haven’t gotten so I can’t eat it! I used to love the stuff.

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