50 in 2014: Revival by Stephen King

50 in 2014 copyI checked this book out from the public library.

Huh, I don’t really know what to say about this book. I know I was excited about it. After reading Mr. Mercedes earlier this year, I was pumped up for more Stephen King. I read a review that said this was really scary.

I kept waiting for the scary part. Waiting and waiting. I had a few pages left and I knew it wasn’t coming. I was disappointed.

Revival tells the story of the Morton family through the eyes of Son Jamie. As a young child of six, he’s the first to meet the new minister in town, Charles Jacobs, and they form a bond that will carry them over decades. But not before tragedy strikes their families.

Revival is a decent story. Jamie is a likable character. Flawed, just like I like them. I enjoyed his life story. After all, Stephen King tells a tale better than anyone else.

But this just lacked zip. I didn’t get the frisson of fear when I shut the book at night. I wasn’t afraid to turn out the lights. I didn’t look into the shadows wondering what was lurking.

This isn’t the worst book or the best book. It wouldn’t be a total waste of your time to read it. Just don’t plan on being scared. Because this isn’t It or The Shining caliber material.


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