Motherhoot Manifesto 2015

2015 Manifesto: I want equality for all people. Men. Women. Gay. Straight. Atheist. Religious. Activists. Non-activists. I want our Earth and all creatures--flora and fauna--on it taken care of in anticipation of future generations.This year’s Manifesto is much less ambitious than last year’s. I pictured myself by this time being a savvy political writer, known far and wide for her wit and snark. Admired by many, hated by many, yet respected for my spot-on observations.

What actually happened? I’ve been called a bully, dumb ass, stupid… Bully was the first insult and it hit me really hard. By the time dumb ass and stupid rolled around I was used to it and shrugged it off. In some way, it felt good by then.

I don’t have the chops for being an activist. I need results. Clear and measurable results. I don’t want to write the same things over and over twenty different ways, without seeing things change. I don’t have the patience for that. God bless the true activists though, because they are a patient and hardy lot and should be admired and thanked by the rest of us for doing the thankless job of activism!

Also, I am not the stupid whisperer. I cannot make people see reality nor logic. I cannot make people turn off FOX News (lord, I hate typing those two words together; further proof I cannot be a political writer) and check out other sources. Hell, the state of Kansas is in dire straits and they re-elected the man who put them there! That’s the kind of crazy thinking I can’t handle.

Beyond being unable to deal with the tedium, no results, and other people, I didn’t like what delving into politics was doing to me as a person. I was becoming morose and depressed. I was losing sight of the good in people and only seeing bad. I was losing optimism and greeting pessimism. I didn’t like Me very much. (This all happened by March, I think…apparently I am not very hardy or resilient…)

I woke up to the insane side of activism when I found myself reading a blog by someone who hates a television show. Yet every week she watches said television show and writes a critique of it. Just to prove how terrible it truly is. Who does that? Who has time to do that? Who punishes themselves like that? Who reads that crap?! I unsubscribed and got my life back!

I do have a 2015 Manifesto. I want equality for all people. Men. Women. Gay. Straight. Atheist. Religious. Activists. Non-activists. I want our Earth and all creatures–flora and fauna–on it taken care of in anticipation of future generations.

I will still write about politics but with the wit and snark that I do best. It’s a Republican-controlled Congress people, there’s bound to be lots of material coming at a speed faster than light. I’m also getting into some other things that I’ll let you in on as they get further developed.

Hang in there…the fun is about to begin…again. Maybe I’ll tell you why I got called a dumb ass. It totally explains what’s wrong with the Democratic party, by the way!


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