Yoga Pants, Lust, Rape, Oh My!

Rick Springfield, in concert, December 10, 2010, at Joe's on Weeds in Chicago

Rick Springfield, in concert, December 10, 2010, at Joe’s on Weeds in Chicago

I’ve been thinking about the woman giving up yoga pants so men won’t lust after her. (I asked Jim if he noticed women in yoga pants, and he didn’t know what yoga pants were. I showed him pictures then knew, just not the name.) I love when women take one for the team, trying to destroy all the lust in society one Lululemon garment at a time.

Except…women have lustful thoughts too. Oops! Did I just let the cat out of the bag?!

For me, straight leg jeans and white gym shoes make me sit up and take notice. White shirt and tie, oh yeah! Short dark hair and glasses, a la Republican bad boy? Dear God! (Naturally a real Republican would get kicked to the curb, you understand.)

These articles always seem to gloss over the fact that women have sexual urges too. That women can lust for men. We’re treated like asexual creatures without a feeling in our bodies. I know the myth is that women aren’t visual creatures when it comes to sex, but I have to disagree. Just the reaction from the Rick Springfield fan club tells me something different! Hey, women aren’t watching Magic Mike for the engrossing plot.

Mature people look, admire, and move along. It’s like going to an art museum. You linger in front of the Degas, hurry passed the PIcassos, consider the Matisses, then head home. You don’t have to touch them. You don’t need to spend quality time with them. You know they exist, you appreciate them, and are glad.

Sometimes the argument for modest dress is the rape argument. Goodness, cover yourselves or you deserve to be raped because your skirt is too short…your top is too low…your blouse is too tight…your makeup too bright… I’ve got news for you, ditching the yoga pants and other sinful clothing isn’t going to get rid rape and abuse by men. Because rape has nothing to with sex. Power. Rage. Control. Rage. That’s what’s behind rape.

That’s why women wearing yoga pants get raped, just like women wearing flannel nightgowns, burkhas, and jeans get raped. Or babies in diapers. Or boys and men in jeans and shorts. It doesn’t matter what you wear; rape could happen.

Go ahead and control your own lustful thoughts. That’s all you can do about lust.

As for your children? Teach your daughters self-respect and common sense. Let them know men and women are equal. Women deserve a man’s respect. Teach your sons that men and women are equal. Teach them no means no. Teach both of them the signs of an abusive relationship and that it’s okay to come to you for help any time. Before it’s too late.

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