Abortion, Politics, and Politicians

Abortion, Politics, and Politicians

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I don’t post abortion posts to be combative. I’m not even sure where I stand on the issue. Except I know that it is none of my business to interfere in another woman’s decision when it comes to her own body.

What does offend me is that an entire political party has now made it their lone agenda to take that legal right away from women. Whatever your feelings on the matter, the decision a woman makes about her own body needs to be done by her, with input from her doctor and her partner, when appropriate. Politicians belong nowhere near our bedrooms.

And if you’ve been paying any attention to me over the past few years, I’ve been telling you that if we gave them any room on this one issue, they would be taking other rights away from us. Already they’ve made inroads to keep birth control from women (married and unmarried) and they want to give employers the ability to fire single pregnant women.

The war on women can be long and bloody, or it can end in 2016. The female voters in the US can stand together and say we’ve had enough and declare that no politician–male nor female–will ever have a part of our reproductive health ever again.

We are strong, healthy, logical beings who are capable of making the right decisions for ourselves. We do not need the assistance of The Party of Small Government.

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