August PopSugar MustHave Box Has Arrived!

August PopSugar MustHave Box Has Arrived!I subscribed to the PopSugar box because I wanted to see some new things. And I don’t want to go to the mall. I saw a you tube video unpacking the July video and was intrigued enough to sign up.

Somehow I missed the little box that was automatically clicked where I agreed to receive a July box if one was available and I was disappointed. I was getting ready to unsubscribe because the July box was meh and I was peeved! By the time I got around to cancelling, the August box had already shipped.

I am glad I stuck it out because this month’s box is pretty cool. Sure, it’s nothing I needed. But isn’t that the point? The teaser for August was organization and, frankly, I saw nothing that would keep me organized. Except for the lunch box that will never ever hold a lunch. I think it will hold some of my latest obsessions–planner supplies. I think stamps might fit nicely. Or stickers. Maybe even pens.

Jim claimed the coffee stuff. (I hate coffee.) I’ve been craving pancakes so we’ll be having breakfast for dinner soon. The scarf is soft and squishy. It will get worn when it’s not ninety-million degrees out. I’m wearing the eye cream right now and haven’t run screaming into the bathroom to scrub it off from a burning allergic reaction. That’s a good thing!

Another coffee mug? Not necessary but since I want to start drinking lemon water in the morning, maybe this is the vessel to jump start that habit. Or maybe it will hold some more paint brushes! Party napkins are tucked away for this month’s soiree. Too darn cute to waste on the men of KlineLand!

You should check it out. Here’s a link–which is an affiliate link where I earn free boxes if you sign up!–if you want to sign up! Let me know what you think. And watch out for that little checked box if you don’t want the August box!

One thought on “August PopSugar MustHave Box Has Arrived!

  1. I was really glad I cancelled when I did. I’ve been watching the boxes every month since, every month there’s 1 of 2 things I like (the lunch box and pancakes) but still not siging back up anytime soon. Come on popsugar I want to love the boxes! I want you to take my money! But I just can’t let you yet.

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