I’ve Been Silent Too Long

voteI don’t know why I stopped writing to you. I just did.

Actually I do know why. I was doing the political thing. I got tired of worrying about offending people. The stress was too damn much to deal with.

I had prepared myself for the 2016 election and it’s all shot to hell. Seriously. I spent two years preparing for it. Learning about the GOP biggies: Perry, Christie, Bush, Walker*. Thinking that they would be the big contenders I followed their crime trails (sort of like chem trails, but their criminal dealings that are constantly under investigation as they rule their fiefdoms past and present).

And then it was all for naught. Because they don’t matter. None of it matters. The 2016 election is blown up in flames on the GOP side and I am unprepared to deal with Trump as a candidate. That’s all I can say about that.

I have nothing to offer about the Democratic side because I will vote for whomever the candidate may┬ábe. I’m loyal like that.

I need a political break. So I am back with slice of life observations. Dear God, I have a lot. Hold on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. And you know you like it that way!

*I never could stomach Cruz so I refused to acknowledge his existence. It makes my world more pleasant.


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