What The Hell Is Going To Happen To Us All?

Friday fast approaches and, in case you live without social media and news, some of us are feeling a little panicked. A little worried. A wee bit scared. We have some concerns about our future. And we haven’t been quiet about it.

Fingers have been pointed and we aren’t holding back. Some of us are blaming the people who voted for Donald Trump.

Oddly, the people who voted for Donald Trump don’t like being blamed for this and want everyone to get along. Like we all did during President Barack Obama’s two terms in office. Where there were no calls for lynching. Where no one ever called his wife and daughters chimps or apes. Where no one called for a lynching… Where everything in Washington rolled along smoothly and so much bi-partisan work got done that we have thrived as a country.

I know we have to live with Trump as our president. But the bar has been set very low as to what that entails. Don’t like the Affordable Care Act because President Obama initiated it? Try to repeal it to the tune of millions of dollars! Call the President a liar at his State of the Union address. Spend millions of dollars on a farcical investigation into non-scandals like Benghazi and some emails. So if I feel like referring to Trump as “Herr Cheeto” one or two times, I just might do so. The Motherhoot style book is not etched in stone and it all depends on my mood of the moment.

What happens Friday and beyond is anybody’s guess. Many of us are afraid Trump will tweet us into disaster. Or into Russia’s hands. I have no faith the GOP will save us from anything because Ryan and McConnell as leaders have proven ¬†useless. It looks like they are happy to serve themselves and their pocketbooks, not the people in their states, their districts, nor their country. To put it frankly, they are sniveling, selfish bastards. Oh, and like Trump, they appear soulless.

Friday starts a new world order. And the United States of America just sank…


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