Pop Tart Wars

I am in the middle of a Pop Tart war with my youngest son, Aaron. He’s the picky eater in our home and has been since his arrival. Once, I cut up everything into small pieces and served it with toothpicks. Like Costco does. He ate like a maniac that night.

But, the Pop Tarts might be the death of me. Because I am completely torn about them.

Some back story. I have, fairly recently, gone on a whole food kick. No boxed items. Which really means I’m making my own flavored rice instead of buying RiceARoni. Because I still buy a small jar of spaghetti sauce and doctor it with my own crushed tomatoes. And I had to buy taco shells because Aaron won’t eat soft tacos. Of course, I buy pasta already made because I cannot see myself tossing together some homemade spaghetti. Hey, my pasta machine is for polymer clay!

Even though I have become an almost-whole foodie, I don’t want to label food as “good” or “bad.” After all, it’s just food. Labelling is simply my own judgement. I don’t want my kids going through life thinking of food as something to be conquered.

So that part of me says, “C’mon, you can get some Pop Tarts. They really aren’t bad.”

Then Aaron’s chiming in my ear saying, “Pop Tarts are a fruit mom. Every body eats them…” Except he doesn’t get the fruit flavored ones. He wants the S’mores. Ain’t no fruit in marshmallows, buddy!

So, on occasion, I give in. I gave in this weekend because it could be an Easter treat.

Aaron got hold of the box and followed me around, preaching, “Mom, it has B vitamins! And is fortified! And, there’s no cholesterol and no trans fats!” He points out that it says so right on the box.

I retort, “It’s not real food.” I mean I can say something is “real” instead of “good,” right?!

“Yes it is. See, I’m chewing it. With my teeth.” He stops short of opening his mouth and making me look at a dessicated pop tart.

I’m still not convinced Pop Tarts are good for you. I know, I know…in moderation anything is fine.

I’m just worried because Aaron has taken to hoarding the box from his brothers and eating the pop tarts one on top of the other, sandwich-like.

Convincing me even more that Pop Tarts might actually be a little evil…

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