Family Rituals

Aaron’s teacher sent home a list of activities that would start family rituals. That got me thinking…do you have any? Because I’m not so sure we do here in KlineLand.

We eat dinner together every night. That’s our big one and I know it’s supposed to make my kids bigger and better than all the rest. Hey, I saw that on TV!

Other than that, we’re pretty open to suggestions. Jim always coaches something. That’s been a steady ritual since the twins got into organized sports.

I used to attend all sports events until it came to pass that the sun kills me. Literally, I get rashes and flu-like symptoms. One afternoon in the sun takes three days to recover. Not worth it, really. But I do attend night games.

We used to have our Saturday night poker game. But that’s fallen to the wayside since the introduction of the XBox Live into our home. It was fun though and I think it’s time to bring that back!

I’m reminded of an episode of The Middle where Frankie, the mom, wants more family rituals. Except they all just end up sitting on the couch watching TV. We don’t even do that! I take to my bed early so I can read without the background noise of the cartoon channel.

Jim’s mom and dad took the boys every Wednesday night for years and years. It was a little mid-week date night. That doesn’t happen any more, so we don’t even get a regular night out with just the two of us. We save that for the biggie–the Anniversary! Wow, once a year…

So I am in need of some suggestions for family rituals. Because I don’t think yelling, “brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, and for god’s sake put on some deodorant!” every night counts.

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