Pet Peeve Friday: Slow Drivers

Last week’s drawing for the Pet Peeve Friday prize of Avon Oatmeal hand cream samples is Jamie Van Becelaere. Jamie, keep an eye on the mail…

This week’s prize is another sample of the Oatmeal hand cream. Please comment and share today’s pet peeve!


I actually thought I wouldn’t even have a peeve today because I was so blissfully happy all morning. Then…I drove amongst the zombie drivers.

Yes, I’m talking to you!

Do you know how angry I get when you know there isn’t another car behind me, but you insist on pulling out in front of me and not even driving the speed limit?

Do you know how many bad words I say (out loud, of course, because I am driving alone!) when you drive under the speed limit?! For goodness sake, this is Chiburbia* and we drive at least 7 miles over the speed limit at all times. Not under!

Plus, it’s a nice sunny day, which means you just need to drive a little faster. It’s the law…well, a mother nature law…well, a SusieLand** law.

So get with the program and don’t get in the way of the ArtTrt (that’s Art Tart because I am an artist with attitude) turbo mini van.

  • Don’t drive in the left lane if you’re driving slow.
  • Don’t pay so much attention to the cell phone that you don’t know what’s happening to your speedometer.

I’m sure there are a lot of other don’ts. I am have a brain slowdown and can’t remember them all. But you know what they are! You do!

* Chiburbia: I don’t remember exactly where on Twitter I ran across this term. I am taking it to mean the suburbs of Chicago. I don’t want to take credit for making it up. But I might have. See comment above about brain slowdown.

**SusieLand: the land where I exist that is gorgeous and peaceful. There are ducks, and bunnies, flowers and fluffy clouds. We do not talk about death, volcanoes, or any other topic of less than pleasant things. You are free to visit SusieLand at any time, but you must maintain a smile and a happy disposition at all times.

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