I’d Like to Introduce You to MY God…

I’ve avoided writing this post for awhile because I don’t want to offend any of the few who read my blog. But I can’t avoid it any longer. Because people are getting crazier and nuttier…all in the name of religion and doing things for God.

This article is what started today’s rant. I’m not going to condemn these people or even point out their stupidity. Instead, I am going to send them all loving thoughts.

What I am going to do is introduce you to my God.

My God, whom I just call “God,” is a kind and benevolent being. Really, all he asks of me is to be a good person and to treat the Earth and her residents (human AND animal) with the kindness and respect they deserve. He really does believe in The Golden Rule.

He wants me to greet each day with love and laughter. It is my job to spread the love. With a smile. A kind word. A kind gesture.

I have not been given any special powers that allow me to judge my fellow beings in any way. Any judging will be done in its own time and way. By God. I would never dare to compare myself to God or to even consider myself worthy of judgement.

I’m astute enough to know that The Bible was written by man and open to his many interpretations. Which is why there are several versions of The Bible. It’s a nice piece of literature, but it doesn’t hold the key to who or who isn’t worthy.

Now I know people will be muttering Bible verses condemning just about everything you can think of. And I will simply say, “yes, there are those who even believe that segregation was right because it said so somewhere in The Bible.” And then I will look you in the eye and say, “any book or religion that says my children are not deserving of respect or the rights of others is completely and absolutely wrong.” Oops, I guess I judged you. But that was in my mother role. And a mother crossed is a powerful, powerful force. (By the way, I would also defend your children’s right to fair treatment also! Don’t think I’m just looking out for my boys!)

Plus, if The Bible was wrong on one thing…what else has it misinterpreted?

My God thrives in the beautiful. Every blade of grass and every flower petal. Every rainbow and thunderstorm. Every animal, whatever their shape. Every person, whether they are short or tall, black or white. Every sunset and sunset. Every piece of art: music, painting, writing.

All he asks of me is that I be good. But sometimes when I see things done in the name of God and religion, it makes me want to be really really bad. Mostly it makes me sad that people find themselves in the midst of such ugliness, in the name of a God who created such beauty.

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