The Myth of Mom Hair

Recently, I’ve been reading things about Mom Hair. There was a post by miguelina on BlogHer that contained a clip from a story done on the Today show. Here it is:

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Seriously? There was nothing better to report that day?! Personally, I am appalled that any of these women got in front of a camera and tried to act like this is a hot issue.

Hot issues are autism, learning disabilities, handicaps, illness, and a million other things that can go wrong when you have children. It’s not how your hair looks.

My suburb isn’t the classiest, although we are rather close to the classy ones. But I began polling moms, asking them about mom hair. Most of them had never heard of it. They all agreed that they went with easier-to-care-for-hair because…well, shocking as it seems…it was easier!

There were no claims of undiagnosed post-partum depression leading to short hair cuts and a return to natural hair color. There were no sudden remembrances of following the mom-hair band wagon. Not one of them received a memo from the Official Mom’s Club containing instructions on getting the proper Mom Hair.

Most women aren’t worrying all that much about the rules. Unless it’s those unwritten rules that the Good Moms know. And we never have access to! The ones about having children with perfect manners, impeccable taste in friends, perfect grades…

We’re just trying to be the best moms and wives that we can be. And we realize that hair is an accessory, not necessarily an accurate reflection of our psyche at the moment. More likely, it’s a reflection of our over-commitment, lack of sleep, endless to do lists.

For these women to go on television with some faux news, making women feel inadequate because they don’t have long, flowing, blonde locks is irresponsible. Parading Angelina Jolie and super model moms as role models for the average mom is so wrong. Real moms don’t have a staff of people seeing to their every need, on hand to whip out a stylish hairdo before a public appearance.

Real moms are at home hiding in the bathroom for a moment’s peace, pulling themselves together enough for the trip to Target. Sure their kids may look adorable and stylish, but that doesn’t mean real moms don’t care about her own appearance. Real moms understand that the shelf-life of a perfectly dressed, adorable kid is a short one and they need to get out the door before there are stuck Cheerios and juice box stains.

So, Meredith Vierra and your television psychologists, give us a break. Instead of making real moms feel inadequate–or in my case snarky as hell–why aren’t you giving us real time tips on explaining to our kids why the Gulf Oil Spill is a huge disaster? Or why Daddy is home because he lost his job in this recovering economy?

Real moms aren’t vapid creatures. Real moms handle the good and the bad every day. Real moms can even think…

8 thoughts on “The Myth of Mom Hair

  1. Thank You!
    At what point in our society did we start losing all track of perspective that we create a crisis out hair?
    I’ve certainly been snarky about people who have bad hair, bad fashion choice, or whatever. We all do it. But to somehow tie this completely shallow form of entertainment and lunch time chatter into a deep look at true problem or psychological defect is just plain silly and as you point out detrimental.

  2. Tell me again how this is newsworthy?? How crazy is that! I wanted to see all 3 women have a cat fight and pull each other’s hair out. To think they are psychologist and people are paying them for advice?? Ludicrous!! I wanted to tell the one psychologist to stick with her Zoloft!

  3. Absolutely loved this post. Women and girls are being held to an increasingly high standard in the beauty department. It’s a wonder we never leave our bathrooms or salons. When I have a good hair day, it’s because I’ve planned it into my schedule and a half hour later, the time and effort is lost to the humidity.

    And heck, I have to say, I’ve seen plenty of bad celeb picks. Even they aren’t always ‘cover ready’.

    I smile quite a bit, bad hair and all, that’s not about to change.

    Thanks for your awesome post.

    • Thanks, RM! It’s a post that’s been percolating for some time. I’m tired of all moms being lumped together like one brainless robot that should look pretty and shut up!

      xo Susie

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