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I love having company! Guest bloggers are the best company!

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger, please contact me. (If the link doesn’t work for you, my email address is Here’s an informational flyer you can check out!

Some information for you:

  • You choose the topic.
  • I normally run the posts in the order I get them. But if you need a certain date, please let me know. I can usually work with you!
  • I will run the post as I get it from you, free of editting!
  • Please include a short bio at the end of your post. Please mention your blog, published works, and whatever else you want to promote.
  • Please include a picture. Head shots are nice–even sketched ones! Include any other pictures you want to run with the posts. If you want certain captions, please include those also.
  • Your post remains yours. I do ask for something original, but once it’s been posted here, feel free to re-post elsewhere.

I look forward to having you over!

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5 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers

  1. My children are grown but, with 5 of them, we had quite alot of activity at our house. I would love to do a blog about when they were in 4H, and see if there are mothers out there today who stay up all night bleaching, washin and ironing white shirts ad pants so their children will be ready to to back into the show rign the next morng, birght and early–well, certainly early, with their rabbits,calves, lambs, pigs–. I’ll be gone mos of Aug.–going to CA with couple of my gradkids and then off to Alaska with a couple more–but can have the blog ready and send it ahead if you want it sometime then, or can have itto you in Sept. ust let me know. Kahleen Delaney Author of the Ellen McKenzie mystery series

    • Sorry about the typos. Have a new keyboard and its proving difficult, and I did’t catch them until the text came up bigger. I’ll do a better job of editing next time. Kathleen

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